RE:ENTRY - A Wellness Tool  

COVID-19 has caused anxiety, frustration and massive disruption to people’s daily routines—but the periods of lockdown also offer an opportunity to establish new habits. RE:ENTRY sees this as an opportunity to highlight the art and science of journaling, reminding people the importance of taking some time to write during times of uncertainty.

Forming a healthy habit isn’t an easy task but starting is actually the hardest part of it all. RE:ENTRY’s mission is to simply get people to start journaling. It may not be for everyone, but there is simply no harm in trying—especially when both science and history are pleading people to start writing!

This is the RE:ENTRY Starter Kit. The items included in the kit are two plain notebooks, three zines, a habit-tracking calendar, a prompts booklet and sticker packs. All the items here are to guide people to move out of their comfort zone when it comes to journaling and encourage habit-building.

“Sustainable design gives an authentic value to the consumer.”

Finally, RE:ENTRY plans to achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable process. All items in the pack are very easily sourced, with eco-friendly ink, bio plastic and recycled paper. These considerations are also included in the design itself.