The Individualization of Responsibility (2021)

A short animation which aims to take the viewer through a symbolic journey, to fight the personal shame narrative around climate change and environment by spreading the message that we need to stop victim blaming and focus on the bigger things—systemic change.

RE:ENTRY - A Wellness Tool (2021)

COVID-19 has caused anxiety, frustration and massive disruption to people’s daily routines—but the periods of lockdown also offer an opportunity to establish new habits. Re:Entry sees this as an opportunity to highlight the art and science of journaling, reminding people the importance of taking some time to write during times of uncertainty.

Reclaiming Cultural Identity Through Graphic Design (2020)
A personal exploration into the influence of western colonialism in the Philippines’ design scene as well as the authentic identity of a Filipino designer. A publication that explores how graphic design thrives in a developing country outside the constraints of western institutions.

Nourish (2019)
Nourish is a fictional brand created for a university project. Nourish is a food supplement/replacement, made in a technology advanced future, targeted towards those who have difficulty consuming food, those who don’t have enough time for good quality food, etc.

Book Cover Project (2018)
I have been given the brief to produce a range of designs for Penguin on Design Series: The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan, On Photography by Susan Sontag and The Beauty of Everyday Things by Soetsu Yanagi. 

Personal Projects (2020-2021)
A collection of my personal projects. Self-initiated in order to practice typography and illustration skills. Some artwork were commissioned and some have been sold as prints.
DM20 – Go Global, Stay Local (2020)

A workshop building on Design Manchester’s partnership with World Design Weeks, DM20, the Go Global, Stay Local Workshop, a collaboration with the University of Salford and Birmingham City University, will link Salford, Manchester, Berlin, Barcelona and Eindhoven in an interactive online experience, reaching an international audience, via Patrick Thomas and Jonathan Auch’s Open Collab platform.