In Celebration of a Lost Script - An Anthology of Joy 

Museum of Half Truths is a research project founded in 2020 by Polly Palmerini and Rachael Burns.

An Anthology of Joy is Museum of Half Truth’s new project in Manchester, supported by Manchester Independents. They have built an archive of the small moments of joy that we have turned to for support and comfort in the time of COVID-19.
Workshop promotion poster

Workshop Promotion Poster

Exhibition piece (printed on fabric)

For the exhibition I created a piece celebrating Baybayin, the pre-colonial ancient script of the Philippines. This is a collaborative artwork where the words written in Baybayin were hand drawn by participants of the workshop In Celebration of a Lost Script. During the workshop, they were asked for phrases or words they associated with joy. Responses entailed: holding hands, family, change, peace, hope, culture and freedom.

The background contains the poem Our Mother Tongue by José Rizal. It talks about the love for Filipino language, why language is linked to the need for freedom and that it is more than just a group of words people use to communicate with each other.

The exhibition launch took place at Contact Theatre, Manchester.