Yellow in Full Bloom

A publication about the 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines, in response to the brief: Create a visual record of a historical event, a movement, or influential figure or thing, and document it in the form of a ‘pamphlet.’

Yellow in Full Bloom retells the story of the 1986 Filipino Revolution through archived materials, it aims to show young Filipinos, as well as other societies around the globe that we must not lose sight of the past and continue to stay vigilant. It is a cautionary tale that has application here for all of us. It is a lesson about what it takes to influence real political change.

The publication has been printed on 90gsm bright paper as a 16-page newspaper, a choice made due to the press silence during the martial law years in the Philippines.

Size: 290x380mm

The publication is split into two sections, the first section: the Marcos (pre-revolution) era, and the second section, which portrays the 4-day event of People Power Revolution. Despite the differences between both sections, throughout the publication, Filipino design, maximalism and the culture of filling up space, is used as the very basis of the design.